Thumbnail weirdness: resizing incorrectly

hi all,

right, i'm using the image library and resize to generate thumbnails, and it seems that if the image is smaller then the given width and height, that it resizes it bigger.

I tried putting in some code to check, but it's just prooven buggy.

public function generate($source, $output, $width, $height) {
            $size = getimagesize($source);
            if($size[0] < $width && $size[1] < $height) {
                copy($source, $output);
            $config['image_library'] = 'GD2';
            //$config['library_path'] = '/usr/bin/X11';
            $config['source_image'] = $source;
            $config['maintain_ratio'] = TRUE;
            $config['create_thumb'] = false;
            $config['new_image'] = $output;
            $config['quality'] = 100;
            $config['width'] = (int)$width;
            $config['height'] = (int)$height;

I have tried using an if/or on the width/height of the image. But I had an image that was wider then the given width, but shorter then the given height. This in turn copied the image.

Basically i need to resize images whilst maintaining the ratio, to the size i've given, but if the image is already smaller then the height or width then I would like it to handle it correctly.

Has anyone had this problem before?

Thank you all in advance!


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