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Multiple Developers, Want to restrict their access so they don't have access to all code base.

Ok, we have an application being developed in CodeIgniter framework. I used to be a programmer so I know enough to get myself. Because this is a bigger application I chose a framework to help with management.

As well we not have multiple developers working on different modules for speed and as well so no single developer has the entire code base. The problem I need to solve is how to get 1 developer access to work on his module and the other to his module.

I'm very technology educated, but not with CodeIgniter so from my research it seems I might be able to create a sub-folder in the Modules and View folders. For example lets say developer 1 I would create a folder in the Models and Views called Module1 and give him FTP access to this folder.

The same would apply to Developer 2, but his folder would be Module2.

Can someone give me advice if this method is possible and if not recommend how it would be done!



It sounds like you want to use some Version Control System. Now, there are two very famous ones, .git and SVN. Unfortunately, .git does not allow per-branch permissions, but SVN does. However, SVN is more of a pain in the a*#, compared to .git.
So, if you want finely granulated permissions on your code you might want to consider an SVN-repository, otherwise maybe just X amount of .git-repositories, one for each developer and submodules containing the common source.

But, to be honest, I never worked in such an environment, so I am not that experienced with different team members having only restricted access (to either publish or read)

its sound like you could bennefit from https://bitbucket.org/wiredesignz/codeig...sions-hmvc

This extension/core hack makes it possible to use modules. Each module can have its own controllers, models and views.

As for restricting acces, PhilTem is correct. Use SVN.
If you dont have the knowledge or access to SVN, you can use any other VCS. Handling the different repos would be more difficult though.

I"m a coder from way back buy in recent years have gotten away from specific languages. We are now hiring out for our development work.

I would like a system that we can manage with versioning and deploy to LIVE and BETA servers. Would anyone be for hire to get this setup for me so I don't have to spend time researching!



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