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Attaching users id to my url structure

I am having great trouble figuring out how to attach the users id to the url when on their profile. I have read up on uri segments and routes but still can't figure out how to make it work.

Too much code to post on here, but go HERE for a link to all the code.

I use the session id and send it to capture any action in which I will click

example :
<?php echo form_hidden('IDUser', $this->uri->segment(4)); ?>

and then I call on the controller

$id = $_POST[IDUser];

That is good to know for future reference but that does not really apply to what I am trying to do. I'm not trying to make a link right now, I'm just trying to put that in the controller and make it dynamic per $userid and then my system well be able to tell if it's a user looking at their own profile or looking at someone elses. Make sense?

You didn't provide enough info to adequately answer. You should post your whole controller. Your route doesn't look good at all from what I can tell. Whatever appears as the 2nd segment in the request, after "profile" will be sent to a CONTROLLER of the same name of that 2nd segment. I don't think that's what you're intending.

If the request was http://yoursite.com/profile/account/24
Your route is saying "send "id_24" as the first parameter to the account controller", so there must be a controller named "account" for that to work. I think you have an account method in your profile controller but hard to know with only one method provided.

If what I said is true, then your route should be:
$route['profile/([a-z]+)/(\d+)'] = "profile/$1/id_$2";
And your ID will be sent as segment(3) to the account method of the profile controller, not segment(4).

thanks - see my edit

I actually tried that route. Didn't work either

I've gone ahead and implemented the mod rewrite and gotten rid of "index.php/" in my url, however I'm still having the original issues. I am able to get the proper url string but it won't load the page. For example I'm getting "Unable to load www.mysite.com/account/profile/218"

I've been really stuck on this for a week now and any help or answers or direction are greatly appreciated and needed.

// wrong
$session_id = $this->session->userdata['id'];

// should be
$session_id = $this->session->userdata('id');

Good catch. I'm still having the same problem, however

why don't you create a simple controller just to test with and then once you get it working add your real stuff.

class Test extends CI_Controller {
  function index()
    echo 'index hit';

  function view($id = FALSE)
    echo 'view hit<br>';

Then go to
http://yoursite.com/test //should say 'index hit'
http://yoursite.com/test/view //should say 'view hit' and bool(FALSE) since no ID was supplied in the 3rd segment
http://yoursite.com/test/view/234234 //should say 'view hit' and your id 234234

You don't really need a route for this, but you should validate $id.

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