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CI 1.6 and MySQL 4.0 Character Set and Collation

[eluser]James V[/eluser]
Thanks guys, this thread came in handy.

The solution works for lower mysql versions too. I tried it on a 3.23 version mysql.

Is a posted in the bug forums i believe the better fix for this is the following

function db_set_charset($charset, $collation)
        if ($charset===null || $collation===null) return TRUE;
        return @mysql_query("SET NAMES '".$this->escape_str($charset)."' COLLATE '".$this->escape_str($collation)."'", $this->conn_id);

this checks to see if either the charset or collation is set to null, and if so do not try to set.
this is a better option i feel because it allows you to write an app that can work in either mysql 3+ or mysql 4.1+ just by setting the config options to null.

although this would be better served by a reworking of the DB_driver class so that the check for null values is done there and the db_set_charset method is just not called.

[eluser]Derek Jones[/eluser]
Please see the aforementioned post as to why we are not taking approaches that allow circumvention of this setting, tonanbarbarian.

doh! was hoping one of the suggested fixes would work. I'm not getting past the:

Unable to set client connection character set

error. doh!

MySQL Version: 4.0.27


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