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AWS, EE, php errors and bizarre browser-depentent behaviors

I recently developed a site using EE2.5.5 on a linux server. I build a lot of these, and the site behaved very well, as expected. Nothing unpredictable.

The site has been moved to AWS, I believe EC2(?). The move seemed to go reasonably smoothly, with the config files, templates, site content, and EE settings. Some permissions needed to be reset, but that has been done.

However, logins through the end user login forms work erratically at best and only on some browsers, Safecracker forms only work in some browsers and then, only upon the second attempt- the first submit returns the form again, but with the original content (Or blank if it was a new channel entry). When new content is added a second time, it sticks, and the form returns the proper page. CP publish forms seem to work just fine. Login conditionals work on some browsers, but not others. The site is pretty unusable from our client's perspective. NONE of these issues occurred on the original Linux install.

The site is early in development and if we have to wipe and start a new install, it wouldn't be the end of the world.

I suspect that there is something different about this server that is messing with the behavior of the site.

Can anyone make any suggestions about running EE at AWS, pitfalls, and oversights that we may have made?

Thank you kindly. I am primarily a front end developer, so I have my colleagues who understand server issues monitoring this thread, and they may reply.

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