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mkdir - how to debug

Hi there,
I'm working on a function that should write a folder.
Actually I'm in localhost with a FileZilla Server.

Don't want to waste your time so I will be quick ;-)

This is the initial part of the function:

function do_upload($member_id){
  /* Creazione */
  // Variabili in constant.php
  $config['hostname'] = FTP_HOSTNAME;
  $config['username'] = FTP_USERNAME;
  $config['password'] = FTP_PASS;
  $config['debug'] = TRUE;
  $dirname = $member_id;
  //$this->ftp->mkdir($dirname.'', DIR_WRITE_MODE);
  //$this->ftp->mkdir($dirname.'/thumbs', DIR_WRITE_MODE);

....and this is the error message I got:

Unable to create the directory you have specified.

My question is: how can I understand where CI is trying to write the dirs? In other cases this function works fine!!!


try checking if the directory in writable sir.

hi there,
yes is writeble. I'm in localhost with Windows.

Anyway what I'm trying to find is the way to debug with CI in this case. Should be more verbose...


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