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’Build a CMS in CodeIgniter’ tutsplus - Create a contact page or a gallery page

[quote author="JoostV" date="1383076417"]
Option 1 is easy to set up, but very inflexible. TinyMCE has a pretty good image and file upload plugin. It is a paid solution. You can find it at http://www.moxiemanager.com/[/quote]

Can't I just upload images through the 'insert/edit image' button that tinymce has on his toolbar (same thing also with videos)? also control them , resize etc etc with the Image Manipulation Class

What if I have another form in which I can upload the images in 'uploads/articles' folder and manage them through Image Manipulation Library (resize, crop etc etc). Then through my main form where I create post-articles by clicking the 'insert/edit image' button that is on tinymce's toolbar browse to the uploads folder, select the images I want and embed them with the rest content (text). Can this be done??


[quote author="JoostV" date="1382871931"]A flexible way to incorporate complex html elements into a CMS page is by building a shortcode library for them.

Once that's ready, a client can easily add a Google map by typing something like
[ai:maps address=1 Infinite Loop Cupertino]

There's a video tut online that shows you how to do that: codeigniter.tv/a-6/Create-a-Codeigniter-Wordpress-like-shortcode-parser. The tut's a little old and crappy, but it should get you on your way.

You can create a similar shortcode for a gallery.

Gallery admin handling shoudn't be too hard:
* a tabel of galleries
* a table of gallery images

How can a gallery created?? I mean I don't get it.. All cms-pages are stored in pages table (which has id, title, slug, template, body etc etc), whereas a gallery or a portfolio should be stored in a different table, e.g. projects with fields id, image, caption, description etc etc or the one you said before. Should I also make another section on the admin panel for managing the portfolio or the gallery?? Could you explain me please??

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