Any problem with PHP 5.3.x version?

Hi guys!!

Currently, I have a lot of projects written with CI last version 2.1.4 and my server run PHP 5.2.17 and all is ok.

Now, I need to upgrade to PHP 5.3.x and I wonder If i will be in troubles with CI.

CI is fully compatible with 5.3.x ??

I know, that with php 5.4 have some problems...

Thanks very much!! ;-)

Im running php 5.4.20 and no probs.

Thanks noideawhattotypehere!!

Really?? what is your error_reporting() settings? do you use mysqli ??


Line 318

elseif (function_exists('mysql_escape_string'))

"5.3.0 This function now throws an E_DEPRECATED notice."

My current developing machine run 5.4.0 and I must change mysql_escape_string to mysql_real_escape_string. or error_reporting(~E_DEPRECATED) to work.

This is not a big problem, but... really the framework is fully compatible with error_reporting(0) :cheese:

you mean mysql or mysqli? the second one is perfectly fine. im running in dev enviroment now so its error_reporting(E_ALL);

If that is the actual mysqli driver it looks like a bug, it should be using mysqli_real_escape_string (with the i in mysqli).

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