Is CI suitable for a widely distributed script?

Hi there! I'm the creator of both custom scripts for small to medium sizes businesses as well as a few open source scripts.

I've recently been asked to work on a new open source project, that several people would benefit from. Is CI suitable for a script that would be downloaded and installed on different servers and environments? I LOVE the framework so far...Doing things is SO much easier than I'm used to, writing from scratch. I know that I can get the framework working beautifully on MY system, but what about when it is downloaded and installed on other hosting?

Is CI portable enough to handle that task? Are there any open/closed source scripts that run on CI and are distributed throughout multiple server environments?

Thanks for reading Smile


Bamboo Invoice and Inktype blog spring to mind.

I have read people have had issues with different shared hosting setups, but I believe its all manageable.

Wow...I never knew bamboo invoice was powered by CI.

Do you know if either of those scripts use the built in database abstraction in CI or if they are using homemade ones? I see that bamboo invoice supports several database types, and I'm wondering if those classes are home brewed or are the ones available in CI...

Speaking of which - How is the performance of the active record class? Is it fairly dependable across most of the supported databases?


To be fair I have never used either in production, I suggest you download either/both and have a play.

Once again there have been issues with Postgre and MSSQL, but Ellislab seems to get on the job pretty quickly to assist.

From my own usage of MySQL the AR abstraction layer performs well.

Thanks for your help (again)


[eluser]Derek Allard[/eluser]
Hey Kevin.

I'm the author of Bamboo. It uses pure CI active record for database "talkin". Performance is very good, but will be slightly slower then "pure" (by which I mean direct) SQL calls. Its been my experience that his is minuscule.

Welcome to CodeIgniter!

Awesome, thank you!


[eluser]Sarfaraz Momin[/eluser]
Check Agriya Kootali a facebook clone developed by Agriya its too made in CI.

Agriya Kootali

CI Rocks !!!

I'm selling a script which is also based on CI and things are not that easy when people hit the install. Expecially when they install it in subfolders. .htaccess seems to be a pain in the ass but I'm closing all the doors pretty fast. I suggest you a beta version that will run some time.

[quote author="wiredesignz" date="1202897891"]Bamboo Invoice and Inktype blog spring to mind.[/quote]

Woohoo! Thanks for the plug (and please keep in mind that I consider InkType to still be in alpha stages... more program updates coming soon and beta release not too far off)! :cheese:

I 100% stand by the affirmation that CI is suitable for a widely distributed script... if it weren't, I'd have a hard time understanding how it has become one of the most popular PHP frameworks in the world, and I certainly wouldn't have chosen it as my framework of choice, blood and passion. A lot of hard work and pure GENIUS has gone into the development of CI, and it definitely shows.

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