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[Split] Project size suitability?

(This post was last modified: 04-11-2015, 07:24 AM by ciadmin.)

<<From Muzikant>>

What size of project should CodeIgniter be best suited to?

(This post was last modified: 04-13-2015, 10:23 AM by sv3tli0.)

Fastest performance with maximum comfort and full list of features which will be enough to devs for everything .. Smile

Perhaps we can add after or just before CI 4 release (when its in beta) few sample different types of CI4 Apps.
Which can be used for startup line for projects by any developers who are using CI4 along with the base CI 4 instance .. Smile
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Fat and fast. :-)

My primary CI project is a website containing ~1500 pages (a mix of mostly-static pages and mostly-dynamic pages) built with HMVC (132 modules, though this could be reduced a bit) and an application directory weighing in at around 30MB. According to Google Analytics, we've received an average of ~1000 unique visitors per day over the last year. So, in terms of size, it's a relatively large site, but in terms of visitors it's small-to-midsize.

The averages can also be misleading, because, as a website for a college, weekend (and some holiday) traffic is half or one third of weekday traffic, while certain weeks (near the beginning/end of the semester) will see twice the usual amount of weekday traffic. In any case, most people expect nearly 100% uptime and any speed issues are almost always going to be blamed on the site until we can prove otherwise.

On the other hand, performance for sites which are small (in size) is often important, too, as this is often what people will see first when evaluating a framework. Performance under load is always going to be important, too, as even the lowest-traffic sites could see sudden increases in traffic from legitimate users (and need to be able to hold up to at least some level of attack from malignant users).

well the CI is much suitable for an web app which is around 30-40mb directory size.

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