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Multiple upload function

take a look at http://dev.syskos.sk/upload

I've made some changes to the Upload.php library so it now accepts multiple files as defined by HTML5

So each file is pushed into $this->upload->data() with 'upload_success' TRUE/FALSE depending if it was uploaded and with 'error_messages' array - where you will find errors for each file individualy

[eluser]Pedro Luz[/eluser]
if i have something like this:

Imagem 1: &lt;input id="img_ball1" name="userfile1" type="file" /&gt;&lt;input type="button" class="clear" value="x" /><br/>
Imagem 2: &lt;input id="img_ball2" name="userfile2" type="file" /&gt;&lt;input type="button" class="clear" value="x" /><br/>
Imagem 3: &lt;input id="img_ball3" name="userfile3" type="file" /&gt;&lt;input type="button" class="clear" value="x" /><br/>
Imagem 4: &lt;input id="img_ball4" name="userfile4" type="file" /&gt;&lt;input type="button" class="clear" value="x" /><br/>
Imagem 5: &lt;input id="img_ball5" name="userfile5" type="file" /&gt;&lt;input type="button" class="clear" value="x" /><br/>

Is there any way using this lib, that i would know from wich field it came? from userfile1, userfile2, userfile3, userfile4 or userfile5?

I need to do diferente things to each image.


[eluser]Pedro Luz[/eluser]
already know how Big Grin thanks

using the $key in the foreach($_FILES as $key => $value) loop Tongue


i have one question... where do you put the function "multiple_upload"? i tried to put on the "upload" file in the "system" path but when the application call this function, it sends back this two errors:

Use of undefined constant ERR_OPEN - assumed 'ERR_OPEN'
Use of undefined constant ERR_CLOSE - assumed 'ERR_CLOSE'

Any help?

Hi toopixel, is your code doing right with 2 configs of upload file?
i want to upload 2 files into 2 different folder with 2 different validation too.

[eluser]Wondering Coder[/eluser]
Is this thread still alive?

Anyone here knows how to upload many images in one input file? For example I want to upload 20 images or more at one time just like Uploading an Album in facebook...

Hope someone can help me here.

As am totally new to codeigniter and want to use multiple uploading in my project so want to know only that <b>where to put this function<b>: In my controller ? or in upload lib and if this then where?

Thanks in advance. Smile

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