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How to contribute to CI?

Hi All,

this is the first time I am trying to contribute to the Code Igniter codebase. I found that CI doesn't report properly if a database connection was not successful. There are workarounds for this but there is a dedicated way that should work but it doesn't.

So, I decided to fix it.

I followed the description on the https://codeigniter.com/user_guide/contr...index.html page, I committed my modification to the develop branch of my github fork but I don't know what to do now. This is the commit: https://github.com/halmai/CodeIgniter/co...503ea8f580.

Do I have to tell this to anyone? Or are the main developers checking my efforts? What should I do in order to put this modification to the next CI release?

Thank you in advance,

Csongor Halmai

Nothing happens until you submit a pull request to the main repository. When that happens, the codebase maintainers are automatically notified of the request.

Your request may not be accepted, as we are in the middle of converting the error handling to an exception model.
Further, there is checking that stuff loaded already in system/core/Loader. Your line 363 shows up as line 343 in the repository when I look at it. Your repository could be out of sync - not sure.

Hi ciadmin,

thanks for your response. I forked the code not much time before I started to work on it and I think I adjusted it to be synced with the common code. After I created the pull request, the continuous-integration/travis-ci/pr check has also been passed so hopefully my bugfix works. Or at least, doesn't harm. Smile

I explained in my Pull Request comment why I think this minor modification is worth to be released before the major movement to exceptions. If you agree with it then I would be glad to see my modification in the next minor release.

Yes, exceptions are awesome, I am looking forward to them but it would highly impact existing projects. My modification doesn't. (Telling the truth, I expected exceptions already in 3.0.Smile)

Do you think my contribution could be utilised now? Do I have to do anything else for it?

I am going to leave that to narfbg - he knows the framework internals much better than I do Undecided

OK, thanks for all.

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