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Redirect on page edit after save

Hi guys am new to the forum

I need to create a form that saves the partial data of a form and continues in another step with the same pageId

example: load form->save->after save redirect to editpage/pageId

this is the first step code,

how do I go to the second step to complete the application form with the same pageid?
are slightly desperate  Huh   ... can someone please help me? thank you

function step1()


        if (!$this->ion_auth->logged_in())


            //redirect them to the login page

            redirect('auth/login', 'refresh');


        elseif (!$this->ion_auth->is_admin()) //remove this elseif if you want to enable this for non-admins


            //redirect them to the home page because they must be an administrator to view this

            return show_error('You must be an administrator to view this page.');




                   $data = array(
                   'surname'=> $this->input->post('surname'),
                   'name'=> $this->input->post('name'),





Huh nobody??

I think you're asking how to pass the page_id to the next form. 


x is the controller class. y is a function in x. And page_id is the parameter of function y.
Simpler is always better

$this->db->insert('data_form',$data); return you the last_insert_id()

so you can write

$data_form_id = $this->db->insert('data_form',$data);

[...] method edit in page controller

public function edit($data_form_id = null){
if (is_null($data_form_id)){
show_404(); // security

// do you stuff with $data_form_id


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