Documentation markup is a bit wrong.

[eluser]Sam Dark[/eluser]
When translated documentation to Russian I've noticed some markup is a bit wrong. It's not as important as CI 2.0 but it will be good if it will be fixed.

Thanks, CI team.

[eluser]Michael Wales[/eluser]
So, tell the team what the errors are?

[eluser]Sam Dark[/eluser]
Some tags are not closed, some are just wrong. You can use W3C validator. It will show you everything.

[eluser]Derek Allard[/eluser]
Its my understand that our documentation is valid, but if you have specific examples I'd very much welcome them.

[eluser]Sam Dark[/eluser]
URL Helper (5 errors)
App. Flow (1 error)
CI URLs (11 errors)
Creating libraries (3 errors)
Hooks (3 errors)
Scaffolding (5 errors)
Profiling (4 errors)
Security (4 errors)
Pagination (> not encoded to & gtWink
URI (5 errors)
Date Helper (1 error)
URL Helper (5 errors)

A previous post from I: Eclipse/PDT show me about 10 errors (ie tags not closed) and about 3000 warnings ('>', '<' and '&' not encoded).

I fixed them and it is now valid for Eclipse. Maybe it is for the w3c validator.

[eluser]Derek Allard[/eluser]
Nice catches Sam. I think I've got these fixed in SVN, and they'll be part of the next release.

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