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ion_auth vs CommunityAuth

Howdy all,

I am writing an app that will eventually need not only normal login for users, but also OAuth logins (eg facebook and google)

Do either of these auth libraries lend themselves to easily do this?

Or will I have to suss a solution?

The other option is to make the site login an OAuth2 server I suppose.

Nither one of those will handle oauth, you need to download the oauth library and use it.

Search the forums there are some links to it.
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As the sole dev of Community Auth, I can say that OAuth integration, or integration of authentication from any other external resource has never been considered. I understand the reasons why some believe such authentication is beneficial, but from the opinionated point of view of a website owner and developer responsible for the security of my customer's websites, unless they asked for such a solution (and they haven't asked), I'm just not interested in such things. To me, trusting somebody else to handle my authentication is difficult, and I just can't get past that trust issue.


I'm the developer of Ion Auth. I don't support OAuth or external auth services by default either. There is a community developed and unsupported branch of Ion Auth named "social" that integrates with HybridAuth to accomplish logins from various services though if you want to try your luck: https://github.com/benedmunds/CodeIgnite...ree/social
- Ben Edmunds
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Thank you. It is great that the two devs of the Auth products answer so quickly!

wow, Benedmunds.
How are you, dude.
Why are you so very rare to visit this forum?
Are you more on Laravel?

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