Would be great to have an IDE that is open source, can debug, and has ci support provided by codeigniter

Zend has an IDE, .Net has a great IDE, Delphi has a great IDE.

I think that is one of the things that makes those languages / frameworks much easier to pick up and use.

Is there any reason why codeigniter / ellsilabs could not recommend (contribute to to make it work well) an open source IDE that can comes with a php debugger that works with CI without the extensive hacks that seem to be the only way?

I think it would be very good for people starting with the framework and also provide a great "selling point".

Just a thought!

The thing is all those you have listed are very large. Ellislabs is very small in comparison. How much simpler do you want CI to be?

I personally use PHPed and I know if I have a workspace with classes and functions in separate files it performs indexes on them so when I start typing a helper function name it prompts with a function hint. If it doesn't do something you want you can go and create a template.

I don't think Ellislabs will spend the time to integrate CI into a IDE, they wouldn't gain that much from it. Maybe if a huge cooperation wanted to start using CI and support it they would but while its just a few php coders on the internet they won't. It doesn't make business sense.

You are right, but i don't think it would take too much work (he says!) to provide an official way of debugging with an open source ide that is cross platform for CI.

It wasn't a demand, i was just a wondering!

I like the sound of phped indexing the code, that sounds great.

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