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Strange behaviour with views and arguments

Hey guys,

I've got a very strange behaviour with views and arguments.

So I am loading multiple views in 1 page and I give the first multiple arguments like 'image_src' and 'image_alt' and the strange thing is now, when I do not give the next view (which is structured like the first) any arguments, the arguments from the first view are taken.
Just as if CodeIgniter is caching them or something.

I checked my entire code, I used a var_dump to check if the arguments are set, they are not.
Then I'm loading the view via CodeIgniter and then they are there.

Is this a bug in CodeIgniter or a feature? Is there a workaround?

Unfortunately I am using CodeIgniter 1.7.2 and my colleagues and I can't upgrade, beacuse there was to much changed in the core functionality of CodeIgniter.
And if we are going to upgrade, everything's gonna explode..

Thanks in Advance.

(06-09-2016, 11:39 PM)GiftZwergrapper Wrote: And if we are going to upgrade, everything's gonna explode..
Thanks in Advance.
You must upgrade, only version 3.x.x is currently supported.
Keep calm.

The view variables are cached.

See the CI_Loader
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well if you are using a template file, and calling other views - its a feature :-)

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You should be able to overload _ci_load in MY_Loader as long as its public/protected to stop this from happening. You can in 3.0.6 I don't have a copy of 1.7.2 handy to look at the source. It's an odd bit of functionality especially if you're used to more traditional templating systems.

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