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Office Hours - July 2016

(This post was last modified: 07-08-2016, 09:44 AM by jlp.)

I am scheduling an "office hour" this coming weekend: Saturday July 9, 16:00UTC (9am my time). This was the only date/time that stood out when the community was polled for a desirable time. If there is enough support for additional "office hours", then more can certainly be scheduled.

During a one-hour timeslot starting at the above time, I will be on the CodeIgniter IRC channel to answer questions you might have. I may be joined by one or more of the other council members. For those of you unable to "attend", the transcript will be posted here.
James Parry
Project Lead

Office hour has concluded, and the transcript follows:

(08:58:20 AM) jlparry: ***************************************************************
(08:58:20 AM) jlparry: Welcome to the CodeIgniter Office Hour(s)
(08:58:20 AM) jlparry: This is Jim Parry, Project Lead
(08:58:20 AM) jlparry: We are here to answer any questions you have. Be nice!
(08:58:20 AM) jlparry: ***************************************************************
(08:58:54 AM) Paradinight: hello
(08:59:05 AM) jlparry: heya
(09:06:58 AM) jlparry: Lively crowd, hmmm. How many in the room have tried Ci4?
(09:07:07 AM) skope: what is the meaning of life?
(09:07:12 AM) Paradinight: 42
(09:07:21 AM) skope: i havent but tested ci3 with php7
(09:07:24 AM) jlparry: not that again! it is up to 43 with PHP7
(09:07:46 AM) skope: oh they bumped the meaning of life!
(09:07:54 AM) jlparry: if not, they should have
(09:08:04 AM) Paradinight: i have only see the code and the example from kilishan
(09:08:10 AM) skope: me too
(09:08:20 AM) Paradinight: it looks clean and nice
(09:08:29 AM) skope: i agree
(09:08:33 AM) jlparry: i am converting the CI website as my testcase
(09:08:53 AM) skope: will it go to github?
(09:09:04 AM) skope: would like to see some live example
(09:09:09 AM) jlparry: yes, once I am comfortable that I am not embarassing myself
(09:09:15 AM) skope: nice
(09:09:53 AM) jlparry: i am running PHP5 and PHP7 simultaneously (different ports), and trying to share mysql between them ... not quite properly configured yet
(09:10:30 AM) skope: i havent coded much in few weeks, summer vacation
(09:10:34 AM) skope: two weeks to go
(09:10:44 AM) jlparry: you don't program for R&R??
(09:10:55 AM) Paradinight: R&R?
(09:11:00 AM) jlparry: rest & relaxation
(09:11:17 AM) skope: :D
(09:11:36 AM) skope: i have done some postgres and angular, its relaxing
(09:11:56 AM) jlparry: I have been on "vacation" since May, but that just means that I don't have to be on campus, and get to slave away at home
(09:12:29 AM) skope: that's what i do every day :D
(09:21:14 AM) Paradinight: jlparry is there a download helper/lib features in ci4 planned?
(09:23:09 AM) jlparry: Paradinight: I don't see a specific reference to that in our planning stuff
(09:23:21 AM) CK13: how long did it take to complete phase 1?
(09:24:35 AM) jlparry: CK13: about 8 months
(09:26:11 AM) Paradinight: after the release from ci4, how many years do you support ci3?
(09:26:43 AM) jlparry: Paradinight: confirmed ... no specific plans for a download helper. you could always start a thread in the feature request subforum
(09:28:45 AM) jlparry: Paradinight: no specific planned EOL for CI3. It is popular, and I suspect it will remain supported for at least 2 years post CI4 release
(09:30:02 AM) jlparry: Note: supported != actively enhanced, but definitely includes bug fixes & security patches
(09:30:35 AM) jlparry: CI 3.0.7 and CI 3.1.0 are in the works
(09:32:56 AM) CK13: what is/was the biggest challenge in ci4?
(09:33:36 AM) jlparry: getting our heads wrapped around an architecture that would work. Lonnie posted a few stories/blog entries about that over the last year
(09:37:00 AM) arma7x: release 3.0.7 then 3.1.0 or both at same time?
(09:37:09 AM) jlparry: CK13: there was a bunch of experimentation early on, community debate & input, and debate within the council!
(09:37:52 AM) jlparry: I suspect 3.0.7 first; 3.1.0 is more comprehensive
(09:38:09 AM) jlparry: 3.1.0 includes 3.0.x :)
(09:38:22 AM) jlparry: or should I say "extends", following good OO practice
(09:38:58 AM) Paradinight: some coder have their own codeing way^^
(09:39:20 AM) Paradinight: and own philosphy
(09:39:47 AM) jlparry: OO ... subclass extends superclass ... definition, not coding way or philosophy
(09:42:15 AM) Paradinight: my text was about the debate ^^
(09:46:07 AM) jlparry: Paradinight: ic :) ... loads of different styles and philosophies, and lots of strong beliefs that theirs is "best"
(09:55:35 AM) Paradinight: how about real life example in the documentation?
(09:56:52 AM) jlparry: apart from the tutorial?
(09:57:14 AM) Paradinight: yes
(09:57:15 AM) jlparry: i plan two or three tutorials ... not sure if they would all be in the user guide
(09:57:53 AM) jlparry: i agree that would be really helpful
(10:01:11 AM) jlparry: Any final questions before concluding office hour?
(10:07:37 AM) Paradinight: is the Release of the ci4 next year or 2018?
(10:08:14 AM) jlparry: Hopefully next year. It will depend on the quality and quantity of community contributions
(10:11:13 AM) jlparry: ***************************************************************
(10:11:13 AM) jlparry: Thank you for having joined us for the CodeIgniter Office Hour
(10:11:13 AM) jlparry: ***************************************************************
(10:11:47 AM) Paradinight: thank for the hard work
James Parry
Project Lead

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