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Updating a MySql table issue

(This post was last modified: 07-18-2016, 08:40 AM by frobak.)

I am having an issue with updating a MySql table using codeigniter.

Basically, its inserting 'img' the characters, into the table column 'progress' rather than the value of the variable ($progress).

This is so strange!

Here is my model:

PHP Code:
    public function update_course_progress($progress_data) {
        $course_id  $progress_data['course_id'];
        $user_id   $progress_data['user_id'];
        $progress $progress_data['progress'];
        $status $progress_data['status'];
= array (
            'progress'  => $progress,
            'status'    => $status,
        // perform update on the matching row
        $this->db->update('training_stats'$update_data, array('course_id' => $course_id'user_id' => $user_id));

So, the issue is with 'progress' instead of inserting the value of this variable it is inserting 'img'???

So, if i var_dump $update_data i get this:

PHP Code:
array(2) { ["progress"]=> string(2"1a" ["status"]=> string(1"i" 

Which is correct:

And if i use the profiler in CI to get the db queries, this is what I get:

PHP Code:
     UPDATE `training_statsSET `progress` = '1a', `status` = 'i'
    WHERE `course_id` = '8'
    AND `user_id` = '2'   

Which is correct.

So why is it inserting 'img' into the db instead of 1a.

The table structure for this column is VARCHAR(4).

    progress varchar(4) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',

I'm not getting any errors, and if I input the query above directly into phpmyadmin it works fine?

What can be wrong?

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