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Host giving me hassle about nameservers for sub domains


I was wondering if anyone else thinks this is a bit strange?

I have a great host that provides great support. But today I had to set alternative name servers for a sub-domain and discovered I could not do it myself directly so contacted them to request it. They are surprisingly acting like it is a strange thing to request and although they are doing it for me, they are saying it might be unreliable as it is not a protected function, and might get overwritten at any time should they update their dns tables.

Quote:We have to advise you of this, what we are doing is a kind of 'illegal' change in the system manually in our database that stores DNS information

I am not sure what to make of that. Isn't the setting of different nameservers for subdomains a failrly common thing? Or have I asked them for something unusual or strange.

Your opinions or comments on this would be very warmly welcomed,

Thank you in advance,


I have web hosting buzz and they allow it on my account, I can have all the different name servers and sub-domains that I want.

So yes this very strange.
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I thought this was an ordinary thing to request, and was surprised that I could only add name servers for the entire domain, not for sub-domains.

-1 for my host.

I really can't be doing with changing hosts at the moment, so I suppose I will have to live with it for now.

Thanks for the reply though InsiteFX. Much appreciated.


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