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show_404() doesn't use my custom 404 page

Hello all,

On my CodeIgniter site, I set up a custom 404 page using the following code.

PHP Code:
$route['404_override'] = 'error_pages/error_404_custom'

PHP Code:
class Error_pages extends CI_Controller
    public function __construct()
function error_404_custom()

helpers/mv_helper.php (autoloaded)

PHP Code:
    if ( ! function_exists('load_page_with_great_races_sidebar') )
        function load_page_with_great_races_sidebar($obj$page_name$data NULL)
            $data['great_races'] = html_escape($obj->race_model->get_races());

Works like a charm in most scenarios. Except one. If I try to use the show_404() function in a controller to throw a 404 error manually, I get the generic 404 page (which I left in the views/errors/html folder and didn't delete).

What should I change so that my custom 404 page gets loaded by the show_404() function? Or should I use a different function?

(I don't think I can simply replace views/errors/html/error_404.php with my custom error page, because I also do a database query and load the header and footer)


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this is imposible until u will override the show_404() function, from the user_guide:

You are encouraged to always have a default route as otherwise a 404 page will appear by default.
PHP Code:
$route['404_override'] = ''
This route indicates which controller class should be loaded if the requested controller is not found. It will override the default 404 error page. Same per-directory rules as with ‘default_controller’ apply here as well.

It won’t affect to the show_404() function, which will continue loading the default error_404.php file at application/views/errors/error_404.php.

Any other ideas?

I might end up making my own show_my_404() function and ending it with exit(4);

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If your using latest version of CI3 will not work in sub folders

$route['404_override'] = 'error_pages/error_404_custom';

Try instead controllers > Error_pages.php

$route['404_override'] = 'error_pages'; // This will be a controller name

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