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Creating a web service that will consume xml web service


I'm trying to create a web service that will consume an xml web service. Here is the link to the web service: https://www.easyavs.co.za:7215/AVSServic...fyAccounts

Error message from the services.

<EL> (Error List)
<EI> (Error Item)
<ID></ID> (Identifier)
<CL> (Error Code List)
<C></C> (Error Code)
</CL> (/Error Code List)
</EI> (/Error Item)
</EL> (/Error List)

Results from the web service

<SRQ> (Submission Request)
<CR> (Credentials)
<U></U> (Username)
<P></P> (Password)
</CR> (/Credentials)
<RL> (Request List)
<R> (Request)
<CR></CR> (Client Reference)
<RT></RT> (Request Type)
<AT></AT> (Account Type)
<IT></IT> (Identification Type)
<IN></IN> (Initials)
<N></N> (Surname / Name)
<ID></ID> (Identification Number)
<TX></TX> (Tax Number)
<BC></BC> (Branch Code)
<AN></AN> (Account Number)
</R> (/Request)
</RL> (/Request List)
</SRQ> (/Submission Request)

Any help will be appreciated. 

Thanks in advance.

you can use NUSOAP Library to create web service

If you're just dealing with flat data, you should make it easier on yourself and just use JSON.

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