Once again CodeIgniter helped me launch in less than 2 days!

Thanks for all the suggestions and notices.
I am still working on some stuff like allowing dynamic keyword insertion from ads.
I am also going to scale down the javascript since its kinda hodgepodge with all that extra files (a lot of them are not even used).

The design was inspired by Onwired, but I hopefully changed it enough to make it my own. Took the background concept from their site.

But for what it's worth, for someone with little to no experience with php, I am proud of the work. I am not sure its as pretty as it should be (the code) but its sufficient.


once again. I appreciate the critique and will be doing some changes today to adjust.

[quote author="maadmac" date="1204838038"]
Quote:I would recommend Doctyped for all of your xhtml templating needs. As far as I am concerned there is no contest compared to them.

Seriously? If "Matthew Spare" isn't a native English speaker, wouldn't you want to clean up his testimonial a bit before posting? (Spell check helps, too.)[/quote]
Thanks for catching that, perhaps I should have cut an pasted instead of typing it out. I am horrible at spelling. And yes Matthew Spare is a real person and friend (client too), along with the rest of the testimonies.

[eluser]John Fuller[/eluser]
Sure, that is the strong point of PHP. It is very easy to learn and CodeIgniter only speeds up the process. There is not much to see in code in a site unfortunately so we can only fantasize about what she looks like without her clothes on. Congrats on finishing the site and thanks for sharing.

Also John

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