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How to format template?

Hi im new to codeigniter and im just wondering on how to format the data from a template.

I can format data coming from a row_array result since i dont need to loop it but how can i format data coming from a result_array()??

If i use foreach in controller to format the data i cant loop them in views.

public function loadClients(){
    $clientsTotal = $this->client_list_model->getClientTotal();
    $activeCount = $this->client_list_model->activeCount();
    $inactiveCount = $this->client_list_model->inactiveCount();
    $archiveCount = $this->client_list_model->archiveCount();

    $data = array(
        'project_total' => $clientsTotal['projects_total'],
        'pending_total' => $clientsTotal['pending_total'],
        'on_going_total' => $clientsTotal['on_going_total'],
        'completed_total' => $clientsTotal['completed_total'],
        'cancelled_total' => $clientsTotal['cancelled_total'],
        'total_price' => number_format($clientsTotal['total'],2),
        'paid_total' => number_format($clientsTotal['paid_total'], 2),
        'balance_total' => number_format($clientsTotal['balance_total'],2),
        'held_price_total' => number_format($clientsTotal['held_price_total'],2),

        'client_total' => $clientsTotal['client_total'],
        'active_count' => $activeCount['active'],
        'inactive_count' => $inactiveCount['inactive'],
        'archive_count' => $archiveCount['archive']

    $data['clients'] = $this->client_list_model->getClients();// I would like to format these results
    $data['title'] = 'Client List';

    $this->parser->parse('pages/client_list', $data);

function getClients(){
        $this->db->select("c.client_id, c.company_name, count(p.project_id) AS projects,
            count(CASE WHEN p.project_status = 'Pending' THEN p.project_status END) AS pending,
            count(CASE WHEN p.project_status = 'On Going' THEN p.project_status END) AS on_going,
            count(CASE WHEN p.project_status = 'Completed' THEN p.project_status END) AS completed,
            count(CASE WHEN p.project_status = 'Cancelled'THEN p.project_status END) AS cancelled,  
            sum(p.total_price) AS total_price, sum(p.paid) AS paid, sum(p.balance) AS balance,
            sum(p.held_price) AS held_price, c.client_status");
    $this->db->from('clients c');
    $this->db->join('projects p', 'c.client_id = p.client_id', 'LEFT');
    $clients = $this->db->get();
    return $clients->result_array();

            <td class="left">{client_id}</td>
            <td class="left">{company_name}</td>
            <a href="client_profile/{client_id}" class="view button">View</a>

I would like to be able to number format or date format the result coming from the model in controllers which is
$data['clients'] = $this->client_list_model->getClients();

I use blade templating engine in CI, its easier.

In your case using parser you can use php tags.
God Bless CI Contributors Smile

(04-24-2017, 03:44 PM)marksman Wrote: I use blade templating engine in CI, its easier.

In your case using parser you can use php tags.

What do you mean by i can use php tags? i tried doing this in views
But this only gives me an error

An uncaught Exception was encountered
Type: ParseError
Message: syntax error, unexpected '{'

<td><?php number_format({total_price}); ?></td>

And also something like this in controller but this returns only 1 row and i cant get all the

data since its not looping

$clients = $this->client_list_model->getClients();

foreach($clients AS $clientValue){
    $data['total_price'] = number_format($clientValue['total_price'],2);

I also would like to add if statements based on some of the data but i dont know how to do it in a template


$data['clients'] = $this->client_list_model->getClients();

if($data['client_status'] == 'Active'){ //I want to get this and add if statemens, its a data from $data['clients']
$data['filter'] = '<span class="active_filter">'
else if($data['client_status' == 'Inactive'){
$data['filter'] = '<span class="inactive_filter">'


If you use php tags you dont need curly braces anymore. . from {var} to $var
God Bless CI Contributors Smile

Cant i use only the logics in the controller only? cause i want the view for displaying only as much as possible with no php tags or i have no choice

I knew you would say that, thats why at first ived recommend blade templating on top of CI. you can do code like

<!-- foreach statement -->
@foreach ($datas as $data)
    <li>{{ $data['key'] }}</li>

<!-- if statement -->
@if (true)
    <p>looks nice?</p>

you can benefit more of it's features like extending, yielding, etc. that would make your front looks good Smile

I'm currently using it on CI 3.1.4
God Bless CI Contributors Smile

You can create a method in your controller to create the html output loop through it
all assigning it to a variable then assign that variable to your $data['yourName'];
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