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What are CI's PHP requirements?

Hello there,

I have a new website being published by a third party on a server that I don't control. Currently, it's giving a 500 error and a completely blank page (not even an Apache 500 error).

I've searched the Internet and found that probably it's some extension of PHP that's not installed (mysql is installed, but mcrypt is not, for example). The documentation says nothing about this: what are the PHP extension requirements for CI? I think that the problem is residing there. It is not a .htaccess error, the file has been removed and the error persists.

By the way, another file with a phpinfo() ran with no problems (we found out that it is running PHP 5.4).

Thank you

PHP 5.4 shouldn't be a real problem. I would advise to have it upgraded to at least PHP 5.6

The blank page could be caused by unwanted characters that have been added to the files duo to incorrect encoding. Also known as the white screen of death.
Make sure that PHP errors can be displayed. If they are set to be displayed it is surely an extra character in your files that should not be there

I some cases I had a similar problem and here is what I did to find the problem.
Open the index.php in the public_html folder (or your docroot folder) and inster the following code before anything else at the top

ini_set('display_errors', 1);
echo "start";

If you still get a white screen then you could have a wrong character encoding as suggested.

If this works then remove the die() and see if you get an error.
I keep moving my echo line further down until I stop seeing it so i know where the error happens

Also check the error.log file if there is anything there that will help.

I hope you can find it.
On the package it said needs Windows 7 or better. So I installed Linux.

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