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Upload multiple files at once (better with some JS)

It's great that i have fond out about codeiginer, becouse it's been a long time ago since i last time made any project using PHP, and codeiginer is really easy to understand and use.

But there is one feature that i could not find in standart modules- uploading several images at once.
currently I am developing a non-commercial bulletinboard some-how similar to http://www.trademe.co.nz/
So when user wants to add a new topic i want to him or her have a possibility to add several images (and it's better with help some kind of JavaScript - so user could get a message when his files were uploaded without pressing the Post button) and after that name uploaded images by template - id_of_added message + number of image + jpg.
So in the result i wanna get files with names  125_1.jpg, 125_2.jpg and add those name to the  databse.
And i need a limit for maximum images per messages, let's say up to five.

So i suppose - there is a module that can do something similar according to what i just have described, but i just could not find one☺

Upload multiple files
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I also have found this one- https://blueimp.github.io/jQuery-File-Upload/
It looks great, exactly what i wanted. But how can i install this on my site?
Have somebody used this plugin?

If you have basic JavaScript coding skills, using the newer File API (only for use with modern browsers) makes it extremely easy to create your own uploader. The jQuery File Upload plugin you shared will probably work fine for you if you're not up to the task. I think you would have fun building your own though, and you should. It's never nice to use somebody else's code that you don't understand.

On a few of my websites, I use DropZone.
This is a Javascript which makes it very easy to upload multiple files.
Each upload is handled as one individual upload by the back-end, so you can use the file upload library that comes with CI.

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