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codeigniter’s server DNS address could not be found

I downloaded codeigniter, extracted the folder and copied it to CodeIgniter folder in c:/wamp64/www/CodeIgniter.  It appears in localhost projects after a refresh.  However when I open it I get the error 
codeigniter's server DNS address could not be found.  
I have restarted DNS to no affect.  I checked the codeigniter website and it doesn't mention DNS configuration when installing.  Any help is appreciated.
Resolved. Can't remember where the setting is, either in Apache or CodeIgniter, to do DNS look ups. It was set to FALSE, I changed it the TRUE, refreshed wampserver and as luck would have it...

I think wamp maybe similar to that of xamp in which I used before on my window laptop a while ago. IT must be the way you set it up
on the virtualhost file under apache2 dir.

you can have your dns name locally set under hosts file of windows. Open it up and add like yourtest.com

They did have a problem with wamp64 not sure if it's been fixed now!
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Wamp don't want you too have your site under http://localhost/ so they remove that part of the URL. You should add your own virtualhost instead.

1. Press "Add a Virtual Host".
2. "Name of the Virtual Host No diacritical characters (éçëñ) - No space - No underscore(_)"
3. "Complete absolute path of the VirtualHost folder Examples: C:/wamp/www/projet/ or E:/www/site1/"

Now rightclick on the Wamp icon => Tools => Restart DNS

But if you really want http://localhost/ added to "Your Projects".
Rightclick on the Wamp icon  => Wamp Settings => Add localhost in url (Caustion: Risky! Only for experts)

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