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Codeigniter MYSQL MSSQL SERVER remote connection

Hello CodeIgniter Community.

I am having a challenge in connecting to the database.

So here is my scenario.

My client has an existing database. It is a MS SQL Server database. It is a local database. 

Now my project is to create a web app to connect to that database. The web apps purpose is to show reports to the user. 

Do you have any idea how can I connect from cpanel? 

So the connection would be mysql (online) to ms sql server (local intranet). Or can I connect directly to ms sql server? 

Do you have any idea or suggestions how to implement this? Thanks! Any suggestion would be appreciated! Smile

You are required to open the firewall on the intranet MS SQL SERVER. That server needs a public IP-address. And make sure to only allow your host servers IP-address. After that just specify the public IP-adress and Username/Password in your Codeigniter configuration everything should be good to go.

If you aren't on a public server, but VPS you can always use a VPN connection or similar instead of opening the whole server up to the world.

If you don't require real time data. (or you aren't allowed to open ports) And have a MS SQL server on your Cpanel hosting company, you can also schedule a database dump, SSH/FTP it over, import it with cron and then display it with Codeigniter.

The last option are to install a local webbserver (and connect it to the world) and connect to the local MS Server from there.

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