JW Media Player and loading playlists

[eluser]Billy Khan[/eluser]
I am using Jw Media player (http://www.jeroenwijering.com/?item=JW_FLV_Media_Player
to play a list of flv and mp3 files.

To get them in a list below the player, you have to serve the full paths to them in an xml file. I have written the code that generates the xml as this path:


this works fine. The problem is that the player adds a unique random number on the end of the request. So what i end up with is:


This results in a "page not found". I have messed around with routes.php without luck. Some testing has come up with the following:

/xml/mediaplaylist?123 - page not found
/xml/mediaplaylist? - works
/xml/mediaplaylist - works

Simply, how do i get CI to ingore the question mark and everthing after it?

My attempts in routes.php were:
$route['xml/mediaplaylist/?:num'] = "c_utils/build_media_xml";
$route['xml/mediaplaylist/\?:num'] = "c_utils/build_media_xml";

Any ideas?

[eluser]Billy Khan[/eluser]
Any ideas? How do i route urls with question marks?

[eluser]Billy Khan[/eluser]
I assume from there being no responses that this isnt possible? Surely there must be a way of ignoring querystrings. Or have i not explained myself properly.... help?

you need to set the uri_protocol to PATH_INFO and the enable_query_strings to TRUE and you should be able to work with the url you provided.

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