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CI focused site

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I am planning on creating a CI focused site.  What types of things would the community like to see on this site?

My ideas
- Active Open Source CI projects (github & gitlab)
- Popular tutorials
- Popular Videos
- made by CI (sites)

any other suggestions?  Please let me know.

Are you thinking something like https://github.com/codeigniter-id/awesome-codeigniter ?

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Yes (but hopefully with a little more flare). I would like more community participation/opinions.

Kind of like a mix of ProductHunt, Pinterest and blogging.


Domain obtained (will be revealed soon).

I thought about building it but I'm stretched very thin right now so it will probably be Wordpress with a nice theme (for the first version). I will probably set guidelines for who I will allow to submit content (definitely no free for all). For example, I might make a requirement about participating in the CI forums (to assist others). We will see. Please stay tuned.

@php_rocs, I can make you a site very easily would you be interested?

It will have an easy back end management system.
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Thanks for the offer. If I can, I would prefer to take a rain check for another date.

OK drop me a private mail if you are interested, by the way, I'm not expecting any payment it will be free of charge, oh and the backend system is all written in codeigniter too!
Practical guide to IgnitedCMS - Book coming soon


Will do and good to know. Thanks again.

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All right everyone. I have decided to release the domain name (later today). The site will be up by the end of this month. A couple of things...

1. I do have a logo but I'm open for ideas. I will post it soon.
2. I have decided to go with WordPress so that I can focus on content and building other CI things.
3. I will have simple guidelines in order for people to join and participate.

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The domain name is...drum roll please... 1800ci.com (which stands for 1-800-codeigniter).

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