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Not CodeIgniter 4 Components

A number of features have been requested over the years, but are not part of the framework, or at least not obviously so Undecided
Requested, but unlikely...

- Object-Relational-Management (ORM) layer/tool/something. If only everyone could agree on one, and if that one did not depend on its own or another framework's database abstraction layer, then something like this might be conceivable. As it is, the dictionary says that an ORM is a database abstraction layer, and CI4 provides a very rich one, with many of the abilities and tools of some of the "real" ones.
- Authentication layer/tool/dashboard/something. Again, if only there were one package to rule them all, we would be smiling. There are as many views of what constitutes authentication as there are for ORM, and many of them rely on their own or some third party database layer. Sigh. We will have a curated list of authorization addins that work with CI4, in due time.
- HMVC, which means so many different things to different people. Whatever it means to you, there are excellent odds that CI4 supports your interpreation out of the box. We have no plans to incorporate any third party HMVC something.
- CSS/JS "support". This is such an open-ended topic that it is hard to conceive of one tool/package that would do it all, to everyone's satisfaction, tho some frameworks do provide helpful components. This has never (properly) been part of CI, and it will be up to the community to come to a consensus as to what CI could/should do in this regard.
- Templating systems, like Blade/Smarty/insert-your-favorite-package-here. Again, no single tool that everyone can agree on. You might be pleasantly surprised at the enhancements to the View\Parser.

Features of CI3 that are not in CI4 ...

- The compression (Zip) package in CI3 is not needed in CI4 ... the Zip package built into PHP itself is more capable and has a surprisingly close API.
- The encryption package(s) in CI3 are not appropriate for CI4 ... it needs one built on Sodium (part of PHP7.2), and there are already good framework-independent packages for that.
- The FTP package hasn't had any requests for conversion/inclusion.
- The XML-RPC package hasn't had any requests for conversion/inclusion.

Planned mitigation(s) ...

- Curated list of compatible addins, details to be announced later
- Adapter mechanisms, such as that used for databases or sessions, with handlers for different third-party tools or packages. This could work for templating and authentication, and possibly some of the other "missing features" above.
- You can always use the composer-managed version of any third party tools you find essential, bearing in mind that you might lose access to some of the CI4 functionality if you do. We need to cover this properly in the user guide.

Some of the "missing features", or their replacement, will likely appear in this subforum, as candidate features for the community to discuss & vote on. The list of candidates will likely be a manageable size and not exhaustive - it needs to be practical.
James Parry
Project Lead

This is one of the reasons why I like CI. It gives you the developer the choice to pick and choose your pieces to the puzzle. Everyone has different tastes.

Implementation time is the first and foremost importance noteworthy thing which attract developers towards CodeIgniter. CodeIgniter PHP framework responds very rapidly.

Extremely good documentation, huge support & a large community of CodeIgniter developers:

Replacement for the CI3 encryption:

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