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Use case for amazon rds make sense?

I have been planning on hosting my app on an aws linux box because I was informed that windows is not good is for commercial web apps. But I am running into what I think is a insurmountable problem with the port (mostly dealing with CORs). So I am considering a different plan. Instead of keeping my systems data on a wamp based mysql, I could keep it on a remote copy of rds. In that way I could have two small windows instances, and if one goes down, all the data is kept in a separate place, so it doesn't matter which of the two running versions of the software is being used. An occasional reboot wouldn't be a biggie.

Btw, the mysql database will not get too large since I am already offloading user data weekly to dynamodb which is an aws nonsql database.

Question? Am I over thinking this?

I am not expert here, but it sounds intelligent. Consider, too, that RDS has its own High Availability, https://docs.aws.amazon.com/AmazonRDS/la...ltiAZ.html

Thanks Ken. I am going to try to get the Linux server up and going after I get some advice on what is wrong. I spent 3-4 hours on Friday night trying everything I could think of. One possible difference is that the Linux server is http, not https like the windows server. I can fix that if I had some inkling that it was the issue.

This app is very database dependant and I'm concerned that it will slowdown to a crawl if I have to go cross server for each read or write.

Can  you put the Linux servers in the same AWS AZ?  That should keep the two machines "close".  And I think you can set up some kind of dedicated networking between AWS tools.

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