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Project to track an invoice

Good Morning,
I've been with codeigniter for two months.
I want to make a system to eliminate the papers and the file search.
I explain:
I want to develop the process when a company receives an invoice.

Also I already have the user system well defined and programmed.

I just need the invoice process.

Phase 1: The receptionist receives the invoice
Role (Your role is to record the invoice: date, time, the name of the provider) and then send the invoice to the secretary of the director

Phase 2: Secretary of the Director receives the invoice with the notification of the receptionist
Role (She translates the invoice to the Director)

Phase 3: The Director analyzes the invoice and:
1: can decree invoice payment
2: or send the invoice to another department.
if appropriate, the director sends the invoice again to his secretary

Phase: 4 The secretary sends the invoice to the comptability department for payment.

I'm sorry for my anglais,


So are you asking for suggestions on how to do this or are you wondering if there is a library that you can use to assist you in accomplishing this feature?

Good Morning php_rocs
honestly, I could use both
But if there a library to do it right or how can I do it.


I don't know if there are any libraries that will do what you suggested but more than likely you will have to develop the process that you mentioned above. I was just trying to get more information from you.

This seems like a simple work flow process that goes through specific steps until completed.

Each of your phases listed above are simply steps that must be followed until completion. Almost like a basic ticketing system.

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