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Is CodeIgniter 3 died?

Hi Guys,
Usually every 2 or 3 month, a new version of CodeIgniter3 released.
But Since the version 3.1.9 nothing happen, and there is no activity on GitHub since Sep 10.
I'm planning to start a new protect, and I d'ont know if I should go for CodeIgniter3 and I'm worry if CI3 is died, or Still wait CodeIgniter4.
Thanks In advance,

CodeIgniter 3 is not dead, but it is stable enough that recent changes have been patches rather than full pull requests.
The maintainer and lead developer of CI3, like all our volunteers, has a life outside of CodeIgniter.
I am pretty sure that 3.1.10 and/or 3.2.0 will happen at some point.
CI3 will continue to be supported for some time once CI4 launches - you haven't seen the last of it yet Smile

I am still working with it (for over 10 years now) and I must say since version 3.1.10 and the ability to auto load composer I have discovered a complete new world that can be included in CodeIgniter version 3 as well. I have just integrated the Luthier CI routing and middleware package and developed a composer based package including input validation based on respect validation. I developed this originally for the Slim framework but have adapted to CodeIgniter. Yesterday I developed another composer package with model mapping, where records from CodeIgniter can be mapped and easily used based on mapping, aliases and callback functions. So even CodeIgniter 3 can be easily extended with composer packages.

This is my composer.json:
  "license": "MIT",
  "require": {
    "kint-php/kint": "^2.1",
    "kint-php/kint-js": "^1.1",
    "luthier/luthier": "v1.0.5",
    "respect/validation": "1.1.29",
    "enovision/ci-dependencies": "dev-master",
    "enovision/ci-html-wrapper": "dev-master",
    "enovision/ci-http": "dev-master",
    "enovision/ci-model-map": "dev-master"
  "repositories": [
      "type": "path",
      "url": "vendor.development/enovision/ci-http"
      "type": "path",
      "url": "vendor.development/enovision/ci-html-wrapper"
      "type": "path",
      "url": "vendor.development/enovision/ci-dependencies"
      "type": "path",
      "url": "vendor.development/enovision/ci-model-map"
  "autoload": {
    "psr-4": {
      "App\\": "",
      "Middleware\\": "middleware/",
      "App\\Models\\": "models/map/"

This file should be in the root of the "application" folder.
The App namespace is the application folder itself.
The App\Models is in the "application\models\map" folder.

I also created a "vendor.development" folder in the same "application" folder.
There I develop my own packages as repositories, which will be automatically soft linked by composer.

In short, although version 3 looks rusty, it still has solid steel beneath that surface. My motto based on over more that 30 years of development is that if it works solid, secure and reliable and does it what is should do, it must be right. And that is what CodeIgniter still manages for me. It is not the framework that makes the syntax great, it is the developer.

But I can't wait to have CodeIgniter 4 finished, but that will be a whole different ballgame than CodeIgniter 3.

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i have been using CI since 2014. I am developing my project *redacted* with CI3 hope the new version will release soon then i will go for it.

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