Problem using the OB session Library

I have been using the above a while with no problems. Then... I started playing around in a controller but using 2 different connections in the fashion

$this->dbDrupal = $this->load->database('drupal', TRUE);

I then started having problems with ci_sessions table and from the sql generated in the errors the session manager was pointing at the wrong connection. I have gone as far as completly deleting out the database config active group for the connection I was testing ... and the ob sessions is still trying to go to a connection that should no longer exist.

An Error Was Encountered

You have specified an invalid database connection group.

Is it possible that the connection details are cached somehow. I have restarted my browser sessions but dos'nt make any difference.

Best wishes Ed..

Modify this line in your application/config/config.php file:

$config['sess_database'] = 'default';

It needs to match the same setting in application/config/database.php. For instance, I had:

$active_group = "production";

So I would need to change the config.php to:

$config['sess_database'] = 'production';

I had the same error here and this SOLVED it.
thanks a lot!

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