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Inherited an CI project and am pretty lost with it.

Ok guys, thanks for the help again.

I DID find out the CI_VERSION, but it was not in system/core, but rather in system/codeigniter/CodeIgniter.php.

And the version running is 1.7.2. If CI's version 2 reached EOL in 2015, we're talking about a bit dated system here.

So... no application/core folder, no MX folders. Perhaps this feature wasn't implemented in early 2010's?

This is starting to seem a bit gloomy.

Hmm. I'm going to try and find any differences between my local configuration and the on in production to find out why the routing or url rewriting isn't working. No clue where to start though, any help is still very appreciated..


YESSSS! Got it "working".

As suspected, the issue was with routing and with some effort I managed to figure out that the missing key in configs was this line:
PHP Code:
| This item determines which server global should be used to retrieve the
| URI string.  The default setting of "AUTO" works for most servers.
| If your links do not seem to work, try one of the other delicious flavors:
| 'AUTO'            Default - auto detects
| 'PATH_INFO'        Uses the PATH_INFO
| 'REQUEST_URI'        Uses the REQUEST_URI
$config['uri_protocol']    = "REQUEST_URI"

I had to change the protocol to use request. 

So now I can actually start to reverse-engineer this to see how things work and possibly make some changes customer wanted in the first place.

First strange thing I noticed, was the use of external ACL database. There's an folder named phpgacl that seems to be responsible for access control, I have yet to figure out why this has been done this way, I would think that that's something an framework do for you?

Hmm.. now there's also the question of to upgrade or not? Should I just make some minor changes that customer wanted or should I first try and get this to somewhat recent release? Recommendations?

Thanks for all your help already!

/ Janne


This information may be helpful to you (upgrading info: https://codeigniter.com/user_guide/searc...ea=default )

Glad that you found it, 1.7.2 is indeed old (Release Date: September 11, 2009) Smile
Updating would be preferable, but as you can see in the upgrade guide posted above me it will take some time.


Thanks! I'm gonna check that out. Though that looks like a LOT of work, and I did get the things they actually asked almost done so I may just do fast-and-dirty thing and edit the controller in live. There's no deployments or anything like that here, I think the app has been developed fully in production environment.

Do you have any idea about the phpgacl this app seems to be using? Is it kosher CI stuff or should I keep far away and hope nothing breaks before we get the new app published?


I have never used phpgacl before. I did find this link: https://sourceforge.net/projects/phpgacl/files/ .

I know that you are trying to keep the lights on but upgrading would be in the best interest of the app especially for security and supported PHP (upgrading PHP to supported version) reasons.


Yeah, you're absolutely right. Let's see what the people paying the bills think.. I've already made my case about running 10+ years old Joomla in production and this falls into the same category.

About the phpgacl.. You see any reason why they would have gone with that rather than CI's built in access controls?



CI does not have default access controls. The previous developers found something that they liked and integrated it into CI. There are a few choices in CI 3.

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