Poll: Which logo do you think works best for CodeIgniter 4?
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71 43.03%
40 24.24%
7 4.24%
24 14.55%
19 11.52%
4 2.42%
Total 165 vote(s) 100%
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Community Input - Logo for CI4

@PaulD  Big Grin 
You did the best dear Paul, don't be sorry for this. If I didn't have to defend my own design (just because it's mine), probably I would go with the original one, too   Smile

@ciadmin, thank you very much for answering me patiently. You answered all my comments one by one. Really thanks.  I merely tried to explain my thoughts, no question in my mind. And know that I really appreciate the efforts which have been made for the community.

(09-15-2019, 09:10 PM)ciadmin Wrote: I have corrected the permissions, and readers should be able to vote now!
It looks like the permissions changed a bit between forum versions and this one slipped through, sorry.

@andoyoandoyo Please vote using the poll, thanks.

Thanks you.

@ciadmin I think this is the best poll we have ever had! Quite excited watching the results coming in.

I'm a little surprised that (so far) most people wish to keep the logo the same.

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