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CodeIgniter logo for all versions

The poll results are in, and the community has expressed a strong preference for sticking with the original CodeIgniter logo for the upcoming version 4. We will shelve the originally planned CI4 logo, and that will be reflected in our  website soon.

Thank you to the community members who participated in the poll. It was the most active CodeIgniter poll that we can remember!

Thank you also to the community members who proposed logos for consideration. We appreciate the time and effort that you put in!
James Parry
Project Lead

and also waiting for the stable release of Codeigniter 4 version. Smile

Looking forward to CI4 and the revised website look.

The more I look at it the more I think that the proposed new logo is the best.

[Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=1622]

It's so cute, it even has a 4 inside the flame.

Indeed a nice iteration of the flame, ...
even if the main identity of the original one is the vertical flip between the big flame and the negative small one inside.

Often, the "new logo" is the legacy one with subtle small changes.

I'm trying to make a site multilanguage.
We use diffent .json files with the translation of every term according to de language wich can be the set in a cookie or can be the default language.

I changed .htaccess file so when we get something like http://siteurl/en/controller/action it would rewrite to http://siteurl/controller/action?__lang=en, this works perfectly

The problem appeared when i had to set the new base_url, because the available languages can be eddited by an administrator, Kroger Feedback so I proceed to create a new controller in the application/core folder in wich i changed the base_url with the cookie value or the default language

But i had to use a mysqli object, write user and password again, and I didnt like that but I cant use the DB because core classes instances are created long before $CI is created so no "instance" is available for &get_instance().

Any help or idea to make this cleaner?

I shall be thankful to you???

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