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The Top Baby Monitors That Are Popular Now

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Having the best video monitor for baby is more or less investing in the safety and comfort of your child if you were to know all of the benefits that top baby monitors could provide. From making sure that your child is safe in their crib and nursery while you’re not home through their cameras, to doing continuous temperature monitoring of the room to keeping the room temperature as comfortable as possible for your child, baby monitors will assist you. And there are much more things that the best baby monitors on the market can do.


Here’s our review of some of the best rated baby monitors that are currently on the market:

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1. Eufy SpaceView Baby Monitor

Everything about this baby monitor is simple. It doesn’t require you to go through many steps to set it up, nor does it demand that you spend hours on end trying to get your smart devices connected. You only need to pick it out of the box, bolt the camera to a suitable location that will be able to give you the best view of the nursery, pick up the parent unit that’s included inside of the box and you’re ready to go!

The camera unit is extremely versatile. It’s able to pan 330° horizontally and 110° vertically to find your child no matter where they have crawled off to in the room.

If you’re big on privacy, you’ll be glad to know that it neither uses Wi-Fi nor does it use the internet. The radio transmission has a very long range with many users reporting that the parent unit can still catch the signal from the camera all the way from down the street.

[Image: AalzuAE.jpg]

2. Miku Baby Monitor

It is not an exaggeration to say that the Miku Baby Monitor has got to be one of the most technologically advanced baby monitors on the market at this moment in time. Aside from featuring a single camera that’s capable of recording HD video of your child, its myriad of sensors can collect data of your child’s every breath. The Miku baby monitor can use its hyper-sensitive sensors to graph your child’s sleeping pattern. Thermometers and humidity sensors inside can also tell you accurately the temperature inside the room as well as the humidity for you to adjust the ambient condition in the nursery.

It also has several great features like microphones for two-way communication between you and the child. It can play some pre-recorded lullabies for those restless nights. And better yet, since data can reveal a lot about your family the Miku has a separate crypto-chip to encrypt and secure all of the data that it has collected about your child, ensuring that only you and your family alone can read the data inside.

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3. Infant Optics DXR-8 Baby Monitor

The Infant Optics DXR-8 was understandably the default for many parents before the hot new models like the Miku or the Eufy came out. But even up till the end of 2019 it was still a chart-topper in term of sales and popularity.

[Image: yfBHRtq.jpg]

The data transmission is reliable with the DXR-8 between the baby monitoring system and the handheld parent unit. Other than that, the camera inside of the DXR-8 is capable of doing all of the things that newer models can do like two-way communication and night vision. The camera can flexibly move with a 270° horizontal movement limit and 120° vertical movement limit.


These are arguably the baby monitoring system industry leaders at the moment but of course, we cannot expect that these three are only the best for you and your family. To do that, you need to do your own research but if you’re short of time and need the [Image: jFimTei.gif] Best Baby Monitor Camera immediately, you definitely cannot go wrong with one out of the three of these systems.
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