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Codeigniter is work 100% with PHP7.4.3? 07/03/2020

Hello everyone, today I was seeing one of the available updates and now php7.4.3 is a priority version since March, I would like to know if it is fully compatible with this version.

I understand what they say that
yes codeigniter3.11.11 support PHP version 5.6 to latest 7.3.

And the most updated topic I've found is an old 2015 publication https://forum.codeigniter.com/thread-63051-page-3.html

And let's take into account that the php7.2 release will be obsolete in a few months for Nov 2019, so I would like to know if there is any progress in this area or would have to migrate to other frameworks or need waiting update of your team.

Of course, thank you very much to all visitors, users and moderators of the site for seeing this thread and it would be great to answer my questions. Greetings from Posadas 3300, Misiones, Argentina a crazy and fanatic by codeigniter.

Hi, I have personally only fully tested CodeIgniter 3 with PHP 7.3.x, but there are members runnit it with PHP 7.4. There are one bug that triggers E_DEPRECATED, that's fixed in 3.1.12 (not yet released). But no known issues that are breaking the system.

You should check out CodeIgniter 4, it's made for PHP 7.2 and up.

I have tested my project in Php7.4 which is built in CI3 I did not come across any bugs so far.

A framework is a productivity tool, its main objective is to make tiring and repetitive tasks transparent to the developer. In fact, it creates bridges so that we can use our brain in a more noble function: thinking.

Any incompatibility with PHP must be a problem with your code, with each new version, when they exist, deprecated functions are reported.

Do not worry about CI, otherwise you are going against the reason it exists.

LTS versions of Linux distros still serving PHP 7.2

Just don't start new project with CI3. Please use CI4, there is not much difference from the coder's view
but it's complete rewrite.
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A very topical issue for future development in version 3!

Hi all,

I just wanted to follow up on this thread and see if any other users had ran into issues with CI3 and PHP 7.4

I have tested our project on a temporary VPS running PHP 7.4 and didn't come across any issues.

I've also tested it some more today on my local development work station running PHP 7.4.8 and again no issues encountered.

I'm inclined to think CI3 works OK with PHP 7.4 but if anyone has found any bugs or glitches I'd be interested to know, before we upgrade in production.

Just to provide an update, we've been running CI3 with PHP 7.4 for several weeks now, without any issues.

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I recently updated from ubuntu 18 to ubuntu 20 LTS

I have had multiple issues with :

ERROR - 2020-12-01 13:13:18 --> Severity: Warning --> count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable /var/www/html/tlZsystem/libraries/Typography.php 176

ERROR - 2020-12-01 13:13:18 --> Severity: Notice --> Trying to access array offset on value of type bool

And issues where I return a 0 from a MYSQL table that is a valid value, that PHP know thinks is a bool

$post = $this->posts_model->get(array('id' =>$id));

The fix in all cases has been simple, cast the value to an int

$post = $this->posts_model->get(array('id' =>(int)$id));
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I have some error in php 7.4 CI 3.1.11

please see the error message below

Quote: Wrote:Message: Call to undefined method CI_Form_validation:: substr() 
Filename: /home/so/public_html/kb/system/libraries/Form_validation.php  Line Number: 1242

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