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prepared statements

Hi again.

So I was trying to improve safety in my project by using prepared statements, and it just doesn't seems to work.

would you be so kind as to take a look and see if you find anything out of place?

this is the model function


PHP Code:
public static function insert_contactos($data_array)
    $db db_connect();

    $pQuery $db->prepare(function ($db) {
      return $db->table('contactos')
          'ativo_contacto' => '',
          'nome_contacto' => '',
          'cod_cliente_contacto' => ''

    $result $pQuery->execute(

    return $result;

This is the controller function
PHP Code:
  public function insert()
    if ($this->request->isAJAX()) {

      $data_array['ativo_contacto'] = $_POST['ativo_contacto'];
      $data_array['nome_contacto'] = $_POST['nome_contacto'];
      $data_array['cod_cliente_contacto'] = $_POST['cod_cliente_contacto'];

      if (Contactos_model::insert_contactos($data_array)) {
        echo 'success';
      } else {
        echo 'fail';

after running in debug mode, i get this exception from

Exception has occurred.
ErrorException: Uninitialized string offset: 1

As always, thank you for your time.

Messed with it again by trying a manually built statement, but still hangs on that exception, the thing is it is inserting the data correctly, but it stops afterwards.

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