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Asynchronous PHP in a view cell

Just like the title says

Has anyone tried ?

Will it work ?

Because CI gathers all the information then renders it. I'm not sure on how the browser part works.

You would need to make an ajax request in javascript.
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When you load the whole page a fragment the view should look something like this (pseudocode, the concept):

<div id="my_cell">
<?php echo view_cell(.....) ?>


// With some conditionality, when the cell should update (onclick on something, etc.)
$.ajax ....
"url" : '......the url to a wrapper controller',
"data" : {
    // Pass here the new parameter values
"cache": false,
success : function(html) {


And them you need to create a controller that serves this AJAX-call, this controller would take the updated parameters (through GET or POST, as you decide), it will call the view cell again with the new parameters and output the updated html-fragment.

Be sure to check/filter parameters while getting from GET/POST and to escape data on cell-output properly.

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