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Moving from Laravel


I have been using Laravel up to this point, a small website with a blog, gallery and a few other elements I built.  I turned to Laravel as I wanted complete control over the way my site worked and nothing gave me exactly what I needed.  I am not a developer just someone who learnt PHP to get what I wanted.

My issue is that with every Laravel release (8 was just launched) it just seem to get more and more complex, introduces new 3rd party tools to learn. Although you can choose not to use, choosing not to appears to fight against the direction of the framework.

Like I say, not a developer and don't want to have to learn Laravel, mix, tailwind, npm, vue and so on just to keep my site running.

So I am looking for an alternative framework that keeps it far simpler.  CodeIgniter has been suggested although I have never used it.

Before I spend time on it I was wondering if some of you had views on the potential issues someone like me will have rebuilding in CI having come from Laravel?  

Thanks for any help.


Well CodeIgniter has just released it's OOP version 4 there are some differences.

!) you have views that also can be built using layouts and it also has view cells
for things you want to add from a library/

2) Controllers start with a BaseController which all of your controllers would extend.

3) It has controller Filters for before and after.

4) Application Modules.

5) has it's own Autoloader file that you add your namespaces and paths.

6) has database and it's own Model. No ORM but some user are working on one
But you can add anything you want using composer.

7) Has its on Pagination and Validation Libraries.

8) It is still kept lean and mean. Small foot print.

IT is up to running on php 7.2+ now with namespace and all ps4
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Thanks, going to spend a couple of days building something simple with CI and see how it goes, always the best way Smile

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