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Visual bootstrap editor

I have been reworking my website from a visual perspective and have been coding all the html by hand.

 Today, I started wondering if a visual editor for bootstrap might speed this up and ensure the base html is correctly written. I have Dreamweaver as part of my Adobe subscription, but do not like using it.

 I spotted something called Bootstrap Studio, which looks interesting.

 However, I would really like to hear from others about their experiences with this and other visual editors.

I never previously used wysiwyg editors before myself, but have looked at others markup code when they used a visual gui. What i noticed, maybe its changed, is that I couldn't see the "wood for the trees'. IN other words if you write by hand , its easy to see and easy to change.

Code or markup produced by something has extra stuff, some i'm seen was like spaghetti . Having said that i'm , always open to new stuff and naturally lazy - a slacker in fact (slackware user). I can't get Bootstrap Studio ; but i will mention for Linux users https://pingendo.com/

I just got it from slackbuilds.org ; will install it and let you know how i got on. What i can say on Bootstrap is that i prefer "flexbox" .

I am lazy too. But still spending 12 to 15 hours a day reorganzing the site and adding new ways of doing things.

I will check out pingendo. You cannot try Bootstrap Studio and the online demo does not work for me.

My goal is to construct the framework html/css because the content is added through Codeigniter. The only truly static items are the header and footer.

The actual content is created in a couple of different ways. Converting the old ways to new html and css is a moderately painful process and coding the markup by hand requires a fair amount of testing. My thought was if I could get something which creates the html I need using test data, then I can move that over into the codeigniter code and programmatically insert data.

I got committed to Bootstrap when converting from old css before seeing info about flexbox. The goal was to reduce the amount of time needed to get all page data to the browser. I felt the old css was extremely bloated. But, so is bootstrap relative to what I actually use.

what i do with bootstrap is work with scss via a gulpfile.js

rarely,  actually  maybe more accurate to say i never  edit bootstrap scss , but its convenient since i have fontawesome in scss and a custom sccs; they all get converted to css.Also with gulpfile Via monitor i don't have to keep re-freshing browse every time i edit scss.

I did use to use this: in a controller.

echo view('header', $data);
        echo view('home',$data);
        echo view('footer',$data);

Now i'm looking at shifting to layouts. if you ever heard of twig or blade, not quite the same but i can see similar concepts in layouts. So instead of
view that changes

you can create a whole page, where there is a place mark for the content bit that changes. had a quick look at ping, not quite keen.

My general perspective is this , lets use bricks and walls for a metaphor; i can learn about being a bricklayer and do it bit by bit , or learn to use a robot who i control to the do the bricklaying.

Its probably just quicker to get a couple of concepts in hand and apply them. Flexbox isn't that bad, and now we have layouts you only have to create maybe a couple to do everything

The approach is use with bootstrap is that with a url it can be frustrating if your internet is not great, so i have downloaded all js files for bootstrap and i have bootstrap as scss so i have everything in dirs in public so don't have to rely on internet. I also have any jquery as well. That means that using browser developer function and shrinking page evokes, the "burger" menu for drop down even when i am off line . Getting break points was more a bit test, tweak, test. Boot strap elements adjust such as img-fluid but my custom font don't si i have to use breakpoints for that .

Mine is similar but there are special views that need to be taken into account. But all shown pages go through this function:

function showpage($type = '', $data = array())
if($type == '') { $type = 'one-block'; }
$headerView = 'headers/header';
$footerView = 'footers/footer';

$CI =& get_instance();
$CI->load->view($headerView, $data);
$CI->load->view($type, $data);
$CI->load->view($footerView, $data);



the one-block view is simply:

<div class="row">
<div class="col-12">
<?php if($title == '') { print ''; } else { print '<h1 class="entry-title">' . $title . '</h1>'; } ?>
<?php echo $content; ?>


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(11-01-2020, 02:38 PM)InsiteFX Wrote: BEST BOOTSTRAP WEBSITE BUILDER 2020

Great tool

Learning CI4 from my works, from errors and how to fix bugs in the community

Love CI & Thanks CI Teams


Thank you. Checking it out.

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