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Number of results is wrong

I am a newbie with codeigniter 4.

I have a table with 3 entries each entry has a unique uniid. With my query I want to get the one entry with the corresponding uniid. This works but when I want to check if the result of the query has found 1 entry it doesn't work anymore, because the function countAll() always returns 3 instead of 1.

Can someone help me what I am doing wrong?

Thank you....

public function verifyUniid($id) {
  $builder = $this->db->table("users");

    return $result->getRow();
  } else {
    return $builder->countAll();


This is working as intended. countAll() returns the total number of rows in a table.  Use countAllResults() to get the number or rows returned by a query.  The documentation can be reviewed here: https://codeigniter4.github.io/userguide...ng-results.


Be careful: return $result->getRow(); returns one single row. Instead
return $result->getResult(); turns all your list

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