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Poll: Nueva versión CI3.5 SE?
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I propose that the community form a hybridized version of CI4 and CI3 called CI3.5 SE

I propose that the community form a hybridized version of CI4 and CI3 called CI3.5 SE.

What would be achieved: flattening the adoption curve

[Image: product-adoption-curve.png]

The main idea would be to make the same passage as CI2 to CI3, where they implement measures similar to CI4 but with modules to turn on and off on demand, this will make all projects updatable in a short time and if in active stages of the core where in name you look for a "Namespace" section or type of improvements can be adapted and the curve that is the one that is that stays in the community goes out completely.

CI4 is a failure before users because if it resembles windows view "assumed more modern half full of nonconcences", if you don't look at the number of repositories that CI4 vs CI3 vs CI3 has, to fix it we would need a windows 8 a kinder view ci3.5 SE version, although many defend CI4 this is what to sow as with windows view, it would be a shame that developers abandon the powerful CI to migrate to other more professional frameworks for a disagreement in the IQ community.

How to do this::

An idiot-proof manual, with graphs that you understand "do not believe that we will be born knowing everything", create professional explanations of how to adapt "not without study, laravel or phalcon" but learn how to adapt projects less than 3 or 5 hours to CI4 or CI3.5 SE version that is efficiency. 

CI4 is perhaps the best framework, but you have to sort things at home, putting order is teaching to operate the new machine without blaming others for not knowing it, for not being up to date, remember that "the human being is a bug des". 
A CI4 guarantees defeat because repositories of examples of code, accompaniment and a learning curve from the look of an application little worked and little talked about. A moderate, stable, adaptable version as in CI3, where users learn how CI4 on-demand works more kindly to call it CI3.5 SE Version.

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