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install CodeIgniter3 on cPanel

What's the proper way of doing it?

Where is everything supposed to go?

CodeIgniter 4 has a public folder, and I understand, only this content goes to public_html so it's simpler.

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If you will download the CodeIgniter 3 (it is a bcit-ci-CodeIgniter-3.1.11-0-gb73eb19.zip file right now), there is a directory called "bcit-ci-CodeIgniter-b73eb19" in it. From this directory copy application, system and index.php to your cPanel's public_html directory and it should work.

I highly recommend you to read the documentation after this.

If this is going to be your only system in cpanel i would send the codeigniter (application, system, index.php) to the root folder (public_html). Then i would move the "application" and "system" folders to the above directory and look like this:


You will need to edit the index.php file and change the paths of the two moved folders.

Check at: https://codeigniter.com/userguide3/insta...structions

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