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Your advices on CI3 upgrade

Let me first thank all the people working and developing the CodeIgniter framework! Really great framework.
We have been using it for 5 years now for the development of our Markeplace (2 people working full time). We started with CI2 and then upgraded to CI3 at some point. Every months,we add new features on our Marketplace and we now have a developer working almost full time on it. I mention it so that you understand that our Marketplace is now quite complex and offers as well Saas features to our users.
As you know, the security for a Markeplace/Saas is really important. So, we had plan to upgrade to CI4 and PHP 8 (currently we are on PHP 7.3). 
Unfortunatly, it appears that the upgrade from CI3 to CI4 is a huge work. It is more a rewrite of the application. I must say that I was really desesperate when I learned that we had to rewrite our app if we wanted to stay up-to-date (and therefore Secure).
So, now I see two options:
1) Upgrade to CI4 to remain secure and be able to add new features. I think honestly that it will take us 18 months to rewrite everything. I am considering to migrate to Laravel as the framework seems to be managed more "professionnaly" (sorry if I hurt some people). We invest a lot of money on the development. So , I wan t to be sure taht the framwork will continue to well maintained in 3/5 years.
2) stays on CI3 for a few years but then we will have to stop adding new features as we now that we will have to rewrite in 2 or 3 years. So, clearly not a good ROI. I am not even sure if we can stay on CI3 but upgrade to PHP8. There was indeed no communication if CI3 will support PHP8.
To give you all the background, I am not a developeur but I code a bit, just to give a hand to our developeur when needed and challenges him.
Any advices or view would be really appreciate.
Many thanks!

That's a hard decision to make and I don't have a magic solution. But from my understanding, the reason CI4 is so much different from CI3 is because it was considered obsolete by today's standards. So it was rewritten from scratch. I'm sure the next major version won't have that much breaking changes. Yes you have to rewrite your application, but I don't think it would take as much time as you think. If  you are not familiar yet with CI4, I suggest you make some test applications to learn what you can do and how to do it. Then create a new application with CI4 and start building your marketplace. You can probably reuse a lot of things. All your HTML, CSS and JavaScript can be reused almost as is. You will have minor changes to do, but nothing too big. I think the bigger changes are with the models, entities, controllers and filters. You will need to rewrite your queries to use the new syntax, but the SQL part is the same. Maybe you can hire some people to help you to do it faster. You can take a look at my tutorials if you want to have an idea of the basics.
CodeIgniter 4 tutorials (EN/FR) - https://includebeer.com

my advice is move to ci4 4444444444444444444444444444
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@includebeer . Many thanks for your answer. It helps to clear my mind on the future roadmap and best approach for the upgrade. Your tutorials look great. I will take more time in the coming weeks to go through them.

ci3-to-4-upgrade-helper might help you.

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