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Page Render Times and Memory Allocation

[eluser]Vince Stross[/eluser]
I'm working on a CMS-type solution for a customer and I'm looking for opinions from others on how long it's taking for my pages to load and the amount of memory being used for each page load. Does anyone have a good idea what an average would be?

Right now I'm averaging .05 seconds for page rendering but I'm using as much as 2.6MB server memory for each page. This might be well within reason but I'm not sure. This application will be hosting 15 separate sites on one code base and they will be hit hard.

This is a redesign project and their existing sites are seeing thousands of requests a day. All of these sites will be on the same server and with each page load using 2.6MB of memory I want to be sure that I don't need to find ways of doing some things differently.

Thoughts anyone?

[eluser]Tom Glover[/eluser]
Optimize your code, cache pages and update cache upon update to a segment to it, Cache all Queries, this should save on performance and the requirements of the server.

It might not be your code fault, I have some pages which take half a meg at most of memory on every server I used them on, except for one which uses 3MB for the same page. Might be a server issue, as in my case.

Ishmael: realy with 2.6mb it's mostly nothing, you prolly just have, validation, and some helper, with session, database.

So all you can do now is cache some stuff, still honestly it's not so bad at all for the liberty to extends the cms you have atm.

So to me everythings is perfect, don't lost your time in micro optimisation at the moment.

see ya around

Your stats sound reasonable to me. 0.05 seconds is as good as nothing and I think 2.5MB of memory is good as well...

[eluser]Vince Stross[/eluser]
@sikkle, FinalFrag: That's the kind of response I was looking for! Wink

I just wanted to have someone else tell me that the numbers are looking normal before I go any deeper.

Yes! I can sleep again!

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