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Can i load view directly from database???


Thanks for your time.
Have you check it?

is line: $output .= $this->db->getwhere("pages","page_id","1"); executing php scripts? like load->view does?



1. None of them doing it. I would like to load views from database: i meas load some string and execute php inside this string/database field/ or whatever.

2. I know that you can do subdirectories on views on and load them. but what i meant that i want load from eg. system/application/notviewfolder or www.domain.ddd/template/a/

[eluser]Jamie Rumbelow[/eluser]
The $output .= $this->db->getwhere("pages”,"page_id”,"1") line is getting the information from the database and storing it in the $output variable.

The $this->output->set_output() sends the variable to CI's output class, which then sends all the views and info you put into the $output variable to the user's browser. This happens everytime someone opens the page.

In regards to your second question, without rewriting the view() function of CI's loader class, no.




So I have to rewrite loader class.
This is what I wanted to know. Thanks!

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